Sunday, October 14, 2012

From dream to fruition, a time for creative engagement

There was a white owl in my bed!
I was so convinced of it, that I got off the bed with a start at about three am one morning a few weeks ago and actually searched for it. Before realising that it was all just a dream.
By the light of day I found the confusion of the entire incident quite amusing and laughed about it over breakfast with my mum.Until, later that day, when I happened to glance at a friends Facebook page and noticed a 'call for entries' at a local art gallery that stopped me dead in my tracks!

Naturally, my reaction was almost instantaneous. I got in touch with the gallery, collected a large owl, and lo and behold in about 24 hours the white owl that I had dreamt about was lying next to me on my bed.

Naturally curious about the significance and symbolism that owls have, I went online and had a little whiz through a website, which I found pretty interesting. (Read more about owl dream symbolism in the link below.)

It wasn't long before I got cracking on decorating my owl. It had been so long since I'd done anything hands on and artsy, that I could almost feel my starved artistic senses drink up the whole process. 

The glorious mess of supplies

The owl taking shape

My 'Punk Rock Dream Owl' on display at 'the collective' in Florida Road, Durban
Other fascinating pieces of art, by co-exhibitors, on display at 'the collective'

My friend Sarona and I at the opening evening of 'Kitsch/Cool'- at the Collective
There were times throughout this process when I questioned my whimsical nature at having run with something that I felt came to me through a message in my dream. Then again, I found myself embracing the feeling of fulfillment and crazy fun that I had in the few days of decorating before the exhibition. 

If anything, it is an experience I will remember for giving me joy, making me listen to dream symbols and the powers of intuition and also embracing the possibilities that art has to bring people together.

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