Friday, October 5, 2012

A 'shout-out' to my grandparents

I look at you and see your hopes and dreams as you clutch your beloved, radiant on your wedding day. I never got to meet you Nana, you were called to rest before we ever had the chance. I wonder what you and I would have to say. 

Mr and Mrs Omar, my grandparents, on their wedding day
Would we have laughed and joked over a meal? Would you have shared stories about your youth and your hey day? Maybe we would have walked through the gardens that you and my Nani would have built together, if you had the chance.  I can almost imagine you both boasting about your prize roses and carrots, the pride and joy of your hearts.

I guess you would have told me touching and funny stories about when my mum was young and about the special kind of bond that you shared. I might have told you about my life, my hopes and dreams, my interests, my troubles. You probably would have listened sagely, patted me on the shoulder and offered me pearls of wisdom, way beyond my years. 

I had the wonderful chance to meet your darling, your sweetheart; she stayed on a lot longer than you after all. I can tell that you left an indelible impression upon her. In her eyes, I saw a lioness, a strong willed lady, and though; hearing impaired, had brought up my mum, aunts and uncles with unwavering love and discipline. Mum has told me the stories of her brave efforts to make sure that each and every child was warm, clothed, educated and fed. To my eyes I see that you and Nani’s love story went on, even from beyond the grave. When somebody has been so well loved, adored and cherished, even years after you left, it shows. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother, but then she had to go. 

I’m hoping that the two of you are happily reunited now, where you may be. That you’re laughing, joking, catching up and making up for lost times in the garden of eternity. I hope that you both are as happy as can be, with echoes of the same smiles that I see here on this old faded picture of your wedding day. 

I still smile whenever my hands curl around this artifact. It is a love story that has inspired me
I’m glad that my story ties in with yours as a part of the reason that I am here today.

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