Thursday, May 30, 2013

The alchemy

She was sleeping with her eyes wide open
She was dreaming out loud, with words unspoken

Asking questions to whose answers she knew not
Weaving a fantasy in her mind that she had totally forgot

It was with a somnambulist’s gaze that she approached her days
Held enthralled

Flirting with her wayward ways

She was the epitome of goodness
The alchemy, the fullness

Of womanhood, of being

This was the ultimate dream

Laeeka Khan 

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It goes unsaid

They do not tell you of the heartbreak, of the worn soles of your feet and the even more world weary nature of your spirit

They did not say you would be eyeball deep in debt or ‘reserve tank’ low on love

They did not say that you would have to use your hands as shields, as tools and in some cases as weapons
To do so would have meant a life consigned to living in a shell, of emptiness, of nothing, of regret.

Laeeka Khan


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look ahead

Never go back to gloat over successes

Never caste your gaze over your shoulder in regret

Don’t glance too admiringly and beam over how far you have come

For it is pride that causes arthritis to steal over our knees

Locking us in its embrace so tightly that it is impossible to prostrate ourselves before our creator or even move forward for that matter. 

Laeeka Khan 
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The breeze

I was going to be calm and sedate

I was going to accept my fate

The mask had not slipped, nor was there a hair out of place

In faultless lines I had lived my days 

Remembering to look only ever forward, no hint of dismay

It was not meant to be…

Suddenly I felt the breeze in my hair


Something snapped inside of me. 

Laeeka Khan

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Creatively desperate

I cling to my keyboard, much in the same way an artist may cling to his easel.
A DJ to his turntables, a person to a lifeboat that offers that final word in salvation
I cling with all my might to that which brings me a sense of creativity...

It is my source of light

Laeeka Khan

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Monday, May 13, 2013

No blueprint for perfection

Why quell the mind that does not sleep?
Why insist that your toddler go to sleep?
Is there a prescription written out for morning coffee, breakfasts, brunches and afternoon tea?
What good can come from being overly concerned that every last bit of dust has been picked clean off the settee?
There are no roadmaps, no blue prints, no catalogue for human living.
Deal with it now and understand that there are more than a million ways to draw a rainbow
Each one more beautiful than the next.

Laeeka Khan

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