Monday, October 8, 2012

Celebration in a cup

Join me as I raise my cup to Monday
Armed with my morning dose of the elixir of life, I feel ready to take on the day

Frayed nerves are quietly soothed as I sip this full bodied, velvety brew
Thoughts that were scattered now gel together, forming coherent ideas and sentences 

There’s something that inspires me about morning coffee
Sacred, hot, sweet, with the slight acrid edge, a kind of quicksilver that moves from one cell to the next

Firing up the cylinders for the day
But it also makes me long for lingering idyllic trysts in artsy coffee houses
Alone with my thoughts, a part of the buzz and yet somehow separate, apart all at the same time

Smouldering in my corner, radiating waves of mystery and intrigue
Jotting down ideas that will form a source of inspiration for another time

Feeling the whimsical strains of ‘world music’ wash over my being
I fantasize about the day when I will get to spritz on my favourite fragrance with notes of Americano, dark chocolate and sandalwood 

Of days when I will travel, rule, take the world by storm

As the heady vapours of the brew greet and tease my senses…

I am tickled by the prospect that anything and everything seems possible!

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