Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I long for that time and place
Where I spoke with a never-ending stream of words fueled by childlike curiosity 

 I long for that time and place
When I danced and jigged around in the aisles of a shopping mall as a child without a care in the world, chattering animatedly to myself  to people, or imaginary friends

I long for that time and place
Before I knew too much about societal conditioning, rules and constructs that made me wonder if I was not perhaps more than a little awkward

I long for that time and place…
When fruit tasted fresh and sweet with jewel like intensity and everything around the corner was new… (That’s when eating candy popcorn, going to the movies for the very first time and even a trip to post office (the post office for heaven’s sake!) was an adventure in itself.)

I long for that time and place
Where all people were potential playmates in childish games, not to be observed guardedly first for the potential pitfalls in their intentions. 

I long for that time and place
Where friendships were simple and sharing your lunch at break and liking the same ‘hand-clapping’ games sealed the deal on the start of a new ‘best friendship.’ 

I long for that time and place
Where sharing and receiving love was as simple as sending a card to your primary school crush asking, ‘Will you be my valentine?’ and getting the ‘yes’ box ticked and sent back

I long for that time and place
When I could declare my tiredness, hungriness and happiness to anybody and everybody who would listen, just because I was a little human roaming free on this Earth.

Oh how I long for that time and place…

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dressed for success?

I have dreams and ambitions, like doing things that fulfill my creative spirit and soul but I somehow just can’t find it in me to get up the juice to do what I want to do. 

I came to a bit of a realization. It’s not quite the fear of failure that stops me from pursuing my life’s goals. It is in fact the fear of success. 

Yes, I am one of those few out there that is a bit intimidated at the prospect of success. I know it’s out there. I can smell it and almost taste it, I have even glimpsed into the window of my capabilities and I know the things that I am capable of and then some. 

Bear with me for a moment now, instead of rolling your eyes skyward. It may sound egotistical at first, after all who is ever really scared of their full potential, isn’t it the one thing that we have been striving toward all our lives? 

Change I can do pretty easily, battling negatives, struggling for a voice, pushing the norms, determination to make financial ends meet, crusading for a cause and survival at all costs, are all the kinds of activities that are right up my alley. 

Success means change, big change at that, the kind that requires me to stretch like a rubber band in a number of different directions. I know how to fight for what I believe in, but do I know how to create and enjoy my own success. That is the ultimate question?

Beautiful Stranger

I look at you from across the way and I wonder at your beauty. Your lithe athletic form reminds me of a dancer. Spirited, glowing with health, the angular curves of your cheekbones and the dark swathe of your hair hint at a sense of drama and restless spirit that answers a call deep within my own soul. 

We have looked at each other. Our eyes connect, perhaps more eloquent than our spoken words could and would ever be. A question hangs in the air, like two deer in the forest who have regarded each other for the first time, we have tuned in to each others sense of mystery, energies and frequencies. 

In our minds we have weighed each other and said hello perhaps a hundred times. Which one of us will translate this experience into reality? Will we ever cross the divide?