Tuesday, September 11, 2012

That awkward first post...

So I finally got up the nerve to start a blog…at long last!

‘High time you did!’…would be the words, not quite whispered by some of my friends.
So what can you expect? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, ‘a little bit of everything all rolled into one.’  No, this is not indecision or dithering, but rather my way of  celebrating my diverse tastes in a world that has so much to offer by way of experiences.

Back to what you can expect ;-) , whimsical and stormy pieces on anything and everything that either inspires me or gets to me.  The occasional recipe, the odd review, poetic outbursts, stories told through pictures, and a taste of my mad love affair with anything related to henna decorative body art. Things that I find hot-(uplifting people -based stories, art, fashion, the ocean) and not (lets hope this remains minimal) will all make it onto my blog.

Now that, that awkward first post is over, I invite you to visit, linger a while, share your thoughts, but most of all share in my journey though this life.


  1. So exciting Laeeka...id be honored to share in your journey...i only wish i had time for something like this...i have so many thoughts and things id like to blog...as they say here "good on ya" awesome, ill be a following...

    chat soon

    1. Hey Lorraine

      Good to hear from you and glad that you will be following my thoughts and feelings. I needed another creative outlet and this was perfect. I hope that you do find the time blog as well. I would really love to share in your written thoughts and feelings too.

      Stay well