Friday, September 28, 2012


Are we ever really truly happy? 

Or is our happiness relative, something that we feel only when tied in to our own?
That ever elusive source of eternal joy that we hear about in the media, can that ever be real? 

How do you know that you’re happy, unless measured by some yardstick, relating it to someone else’s definition of joy? 

It all somehow leads to- what you’re told you should look like when you’re happy, what you’ve been programmed to project when in love or when things go your way.
I question…

Who has set the bar?
Who created the standards?
Why is a smile, a smile?

Who determined that the marker of happiness should be laughter?
What if we are all just tricked by years of conditioning, handed down a legacy of ‘smiles’ from generation to generation…that we just mindlessly perpetuate.

Convinced that we are in fact okay with the world around us

When there’s so much more that we can feel, experience and express, if only we tested the limits, went for gold and pushed the boundaries. 

The ultimate question…

Is, who are you and what are you feeling right now? 

Do you know the true meaning of happiness?

Is it too late for 'happiness 'to be your fate?

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