Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big City Life

There’s just something about being able to take in the panoramic view of a city every now and again. I felt this way when I took this picture while I was on holiday in the city of Durban, a place that I’m originally from but had left for greener pastures at the time (I have since returned to my home town.)

To some it may look like a pile of concrete… ‘a concrete jungle’ or so the saying goes, but I see so much more. Like any city of the world, there are definitely the so called ‘posh’and ‘grimy’ aspect. The thing that inspires me about big cities though, is the feeling that they give me. It’s a feeling as if there’s always something more.

When I walk down the streets of the ‘town’ I find that much like Alicia Keys mentions in her song ‘Empire state of mind’ this really is ‘the concrete jungle, where dreams are made of’. Sure I am aware that there are struggles, challenges and for some a desperate clawing need to rise above circumstances. To me this is the crux of it all. The bright sparking energy that I feel rises up and flows within the bloodstream of people that walk through any big city in the world.

Most definitely I am personally invested in the one that I live in, and while my home falls within the suburbs, the CBD and city life is something that I get to experience every single day. I often wonder what the streets would tell me if they could talk. Aside from the hustle and the bustle, the smokiness, sultriness of ladies fresh off their lunch breaks, eclectic bunch of people and street vendors, I wonder about the signature question of each town.

If I were to trust my instincts and hazard a guess, it would sound a bit like this…

It’s about time you joined the race.
Now pick up you pace, keep moving, strive for the top, keep hustling.
I will push you, pull you, chew you up and spit you out…
But I will also be there to nudge you toward the finish line!
Now move it!!!!

To my senses, there’s nothing that can truly compare!

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