Saturday, November 9, 2013

The day I lost my mind, I found myself...

My mind ground to a halt today

I stopped short; the pencil that I had been scribbling with furiously refused to scratch the papers surface.

Not because I had no further ideas, in fact my mind was buzzing with them…

The difference today was that my mind had had enough

Today my mind rebelled

Throwing out all vestiges of convention

Like a hot oozy mess of sticky marshmallows, the essence of who I am came trickling out

It was a weird sensation that day that I lost control

I felt a sense of release that was not unlike an over stretched rubber band breaking free

Or even like cooked spaghetti writhing about deliciously in a vat of creamy sauce

It was a day that I had decided that like the foot that grows large, swollen and weary at the end of the day and refuses to be stuffed back into a conventional shoe...

That my mind was going to relax and take its own organic shape

Whether that meant sleeping for half a day or baking brownies until my arms hurt

I was still not sure

All I knew was that on this day

I chose freedom

On this day, I chose more….

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