Saturday, November 9, 2013

Today, I woke up...

As I woke from my deepest state of slumber I felt a sense of loss
Bereft, ripped from the womb of sleep, torn away from another realm
In my dreams I felt the machinations of possibility
I dwelled for a feverish few hours in a hot mess of creative alchemy
Words, shapes, form that made no sense whatsoever where suddenly swimming before my eyes in delightful patterns

I felt that I could reach out and that there would be no ceiling
No limit to the creativity that I could immerse myself in
No idea too big, too small or too ridiculous for me to try
Too soon the vacuuming suction cup of life dragged me out
Kicking and screaming silently and against my will I left my dream self
Watching her fade away with my proverbial nose pressed up against the glass
As I stretched out a weary arm, trying for all I was worth to hang on to my dream like state, I felt instead...

A cool calm realisation
A sense of peace and yet a keening sense of loss
But also a little fire that kindled a light behind my eyes

Knowing that soon I would be back again….

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