Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Voice

I modulate my voice, or so I've heard
No anger, no sorrow not even swayed by the absurd

In carefully measured tones I greet my days
No charm, no sound, no searing gaze

The sweet even temper
That means I’m never off kilter

I’ll have you know before I go…

That it is the very same seed
That’s going to make me bleed

The day will come when I will rupture the membrane
Cheer, shout out, act all insane

For the facade that I keep up is a no easy feat
It is time to come forward, it is time to meet...

The sensual longing, the smouldering presence, the person that expresses herself so passionately

The person that is unmistakably, unshakably, inimitably ME!

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